The Top 10 Global Brands, Based on Valuations

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, the valuations of premier brands play a pivotal role in shaping the economic narrative. Delve into the valuation of the top 10 brands hailing from various corners of the world:


Apple : Leading the charge, Apple dominates with an astounding valuation of $517 billion, solidifying its stature as a technological juggernaut and marking its prominence as the top brand from the United States.

Microsoft: Taking second place on the podium with a brand valuation of $340.4 billion is the Redmond based major, which has built new growth pathways for themselves with their collaboration with OpenAI, in addition to their presence as a giant cloud player and more.

Google: A biggie when it comes to search and cloud storage, Google might seem like they are in danger of becoming also-rans in the AI arms race that is playing out, but that hasn’t stunted their growth on this list, with their valuation at $333.4 billion.

Amazon: With multiple plays across e-commerce, OTT, cloud, and even AI (if rumours are to be belived), Amazon is another tech titan to be reckoned with from the USA. Valued at $308.9 billion, they are a brand to be watched very closely in the years to come.

Samsung : Following closely is the South Korean conglomerate Samsung, securing a significant valuation of $99 billion. This underscores its diverse product range and service offerings, establishing Samsung as a global powerhouse.

Walmart: A retail titan whose tales have been told in management tales around the world, Walmart is still a force to be reckoned with even in a world that is going increasingly digital over click and mortar. Valued at $96.8 billion, you best believe they have major growth plans in store.


TikTok Douyin: Emerging from China, the social media sensation TikTok commands attention with an impressive valuation of $84 billion. This mirrors its widespread global influence and cultural impact.

Meta: Spanning multiple interests such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta is a name on this list that will be familiar to many, what with one of their apps being the first port of call for must of us in the morning when we groggily reach for our phones. They’re valued at $75.7 billion.

Deutsche Telekom: The German telecommunications giant, Deutsche Telekom, claims its spot with a robust valuation of $73 billion. This underscores its pivotal role in the telecommunications industry and position of eminence as a leading brand from Germany.

ICBC: A name that might be unknown to many outside of China, ICBC is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. Offering integrated, multi-functional banking solutions featuring a suite of products and services to fully meet professional and diversified banking needs, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is valued at $71.8 billion and takes up the 10th position in this list.

These brand valuations not only reflect financial strength but also showcase the global influence and diversity of these top-tier brands across various industries and regions.