“Our core values are fundamental principles that guide our culture, behaviours, and decision-making processes”

By Chandan Chattaraj, President – Human Resources (India and Global) UFlex Limited

At UFlex, our core values are fundamental principles that guide our culture, behaviours, and decision-making processes across all interactions with stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, and local communities.

These values serve as the bedrock upon which we operate and engage with the world.

Our core values are encapsulated as follows:

  • Trust and Respect
  • Customer value creation
  • Innovation
  • Global perspective
  • Speed in all directions
  • Socio-Environmental sustainability

Integrating core values into daily operations requires a concerted effort across all levels of the organization.

Trust & Respect

We foster an environment of open communication and collaboration, setting clear expectations and empowering employees to make decisions within their roles. We promote accountability, where individuals take ownership of their actions and outcomes. We celebrate diverse viewpoints and perspectives across all levels. The organization’s vision extends from the management to all employees, fostering transparency through information sharing, and an update on challenges, successes, and failures—demonstrating our commitment to trust and openness.

Customer value creation

We prioritize understanding and meeting customer needs. We regularly seek feedback to adapt and enhance our products and services, aiming to enhance our value proposition and customer satisfaction. Our employees are empowered to anticipate and address customer challenges proactively. 


We cultivate a culture of creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking. We encourage cross-functional collaboration and the sharing of ideas to foster innovation. Through investments in research and development, we explore new technologies, processes, and market opportunities. We recognize and reward innovative thinking and the successful implementation of ideas.

Global perspective

Embracing diversity and inclusion, we leverage the richness of various cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. We stay informed about global trends, market dynamics, and regulatory developments to adapt our strategies accordingly. By building relationships across diverse geographical regions, we promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration to serve our global customer base.

Speed in all directions

We prioritize agility and responsiveness by streamlining processes and minimizing bureaucracy. Empowering employees with autonomy and resources enables swift decision-making and decisive action. We foster a sense of urgency and accountability, continually monitoring performance metrics and adjusting strategies to maintain our competitive edge.

Socio-Environmental sustainability

We integrate environmental and social considerations into our business practices. This includes promoting resource efficiency, reducing waste, and sourcing ethically. Through sustainable supply chain practices, we minimize our environmental footprint and support fair labor standards. Engaging stakeholders and investing in recycling and eco-friendly technologies, as well as community development initiatives, aligns with our commitment to creating a sustainable future. These core values are not just words, but principles that guide our actions and shape our contribution to society and the environment. We are committed to upholding these values in everything we do, striving to make a positive impact while maintaining our leadership in the global marketplace.