Luxury Members-Only Brand ‘Quorum Club’ Secures pre-Series A funding

Quorum Club Private Ltd, the parent company behind the prestigious Quorum Club, has successfully closed a pre-series A funding round. This round saw a 5% divestment in stake, with the prominent firm Gruhas leading the investment. Gruhas, founded by Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha fame and Abhijeet Pai of Puzzolana, focuses on early-stage, venture, and debt investments in various sectors, including proptech, cleantech, media, and entertainment.

The funding round also saw participation from Quorum Club’s existing shareholders, including Alok Oberoi, Gurmeet Nihal Singh, Sabre Advisors, Shon Randhawa, Sattva Group, and Karanpal Singh. These shareholders had previously invested in the club during an undisclosed friends and family round in 2016 when it was first established.

Expanding Horizons: New Target Markets

With the infusion of fresh funds, Quorum Club has set its sights on new target markets. Over the next few years, the club aims to establish its presence in Bengaluru, Goa, and a sixth club in Delhi. This ambitious expansion plan reflects Quorum Club’s commitment to bringing its exceptional offerings to more discerning individuals across India.

In addition to expanding its members-only clubs, Quorum Club is also venturing into the co-working space under its brand, The Business Quarter (TBQ). The club plans to offer hospitality-first working spaces co-located with its clubs. For instance, the Hyderabad club will house a 110-seat premium co-working facility, while the Mumbai club will expand its existing 198 seats to an impressive 451 seats.

The Journey of Quorum Club: From Inception to Expansion

Quorum Club, founded in 2018 by Vivek Narain and his wife Sonya Jehan, has come a long way since its inception. The company operates three distinct brands: Quorum, a subscription-based members-only club; District150, dedicated to meetings and events; and Business Quarter, a co-working space. Each brand caters to a specific lifestyle need, ensuring that Quorum Club appeals to a diverse range of individuals.

The journey began in 2018 with the launch of Quorum Club’s first members’ club in Gurugram. The club, operating under Quorum Club LLP at the time, quickly gained popularity among high-profile entrepreneurs and c-suite executives. Recognizing

the potential for growth, Quorum Club expanded to Mumbai in 2021 by taking over the operations of another prestigious members club, ‘The A,’ located in Lower Parel’s One World Centre. This marked a significant shift towards a broader lifestyle hospitality concept.

In its quest for expansion, Quorum Club recently inaugurated its third club in Hyderabad. Spanning over 80,000 square feet, this new club further solidifies Quorum Club’s presence in the luxury market. With a total of 2.2 lakh square feet of operational assets across cities, Quorum Club is well-positioned to leave a lasting impression on its members.

The Exclusive World of Luxury Clubs in India

Quorum Club is part of a select network of luxury clubs in India that cater to a discerning clientele. These exclusive spaces, including the likes of Soho House, The Indus Club in Mumbai, and Regent Club in Bengaluru, offer unparalleled social gathering experiences, business networking opportunities, and high-end amenities. While metropolitan clubs serve as a hub for the elite, high-end residential communities like The Camellias Club by DLF in Gurugram boast their own exclusive clubs solely for residents.

The demand for luxury clubs stems from the desire for a curated and sophisticated lifestyle. Quorum Club, with its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, caters to the needs and desires of the country’s affluent individuals. By providing a haven of luxury and exclusivity, Quorum Club creates a unique sense of community among its members.

A Pre-Institutional Round: Preparing for Further Expansion

The recent funding round marks a significant milestone for Quorum Club. According to Vivek Narain, the company’s co-founder and CEO, the funds raised will pave the way for further expansion over the next two years. He describes this round as a pre-institutional round, highlighting the company’s profitability and cash efficiency. Having set aside approximately ₹80-100 crore for expansion until 2027, Quorum Club is well-positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Quorum Club’s expansion plans extend beyond its current offerings. The company recognizes the immense potential in the demand for meeting and events infrastructure, driven by the wedding industry and other events across cities. Additionally, Quorum Club is considering the integration of hotel rooms to cater to travelers, further diversifying its portfolio and enhancing the overall experience for its members.

Gruhas’ Investment Perspective: The Potential of Consumption and Community

Gruhas, the venture leading the investment in Quorum Club, sees immense potential in the consumption landscape of India. Abhijeet Pai, co-founder and partner of Gruhas, acknowledges the current inflection point in consumption and highlights the need for smarter, inclusive, and community-centric proptech solutions. He believes that Quorum Club addresses the needs of the “haves” – the 1-5 million people in India seeking a luxury members-only club. Furthermore, District150, with its potential reach of 50 million people, creates an even larger community. This unique positioning and the company’s dedication to building intellectual horsepower make Quorum Club an attractive investment opportunity for Gruhas.

Quorum Club’s Expansion Journey

Quorum Club’s recent funding round and the stake divestment to Gruhas mark an exciting chapter in the company’s journey. With ambitious expansion plans in Bengaluru, Goa, and Delhi, along with a focus on co-working spaces and events venues, Quorum Club is poised to redefine luxury and exclusivity in India. The success of Quorum Club lies not only in its exceptional offerings but also in its commitment to creating a sense of community and providing an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

As Quorum Club continues to expand its footprint across the country, it remains dedicated to offering a haven of sophistication, elegance, and exclusivity. With its unique blend of luxury, community, and impeccable service, Quorum Club is poised to captivate the hearts of discerning individuals and leave a lasting legacy in the world of members-only clubs.