Interior trends to watch out for in 2024

2023 gave us the delight of some of the most amazing interior trends, and 2024 is going to be no less in this context. This year promises to be a celebration of individuality, blending modern aesthetics with timeless elements. From sustainable materials to tech-integrated designs, here are the interior trends to watch out for in 2024.

A Wave of Browns

In 2024, we are most likely to see shades of brown high in trend. Brown is not going to show its dominance just in textiles and fabrics, but also in cabinetry, art, decor, and case goods. This warm and rich colour is a great neutral to layer with other colours. Brown also has less vibrancy and more richness which is why it’s quite appealing to the eye. Thus, there is a very high chance of brown being the statement colour of this year. 

Surge in The Use of High-Tech Lighting

In the past few years, technology has become more and more desirable. People like the technology that enables colour tuning. The best part is that it’s not expensive and has transformed the way people interact with their homes. Several companies are offering a wide range of products to enhance their interior LED lighting. These products are being liked by most people and are therefore high in demand. We are likely to witness the trend of using high-tech lighting this year as well. We might see some new approaches and concepts as well when it comes to the use of this technology. 

Rise in The Use of Mounted Sculptures

Wall-mounted sculptures have a separate fanbase! These sculptures offer a lot of depth and dimension, offering a stunning background. The mixture of artworks in a variety of textures, finishes, and shapes is what we are going to witness in 2024. 

Rise in The Use of Sustainable Materials

Another trend that is going to be on the rise in 2024 is the rise in the use of sustainable materials in interior design as well as buildings. Designers as well as homeowners are being more open to sustainable choices. The use of unique pieces created out of natural materials is something that we are going to see more of in 2024. 

Personalised Secondary Spaces 

We are going to see more and more homeowners creating extensions of their existing spaces to create secondary spaces. Secondary spaces are not only helpful in terms of space but are visually appealing as well. This concept of getting more space without compromising on style is getting a lot of appreciation from homeowners. These kinds of spaces allow for more functionality, storage, and convenience. We will see more creative ideas coming up in this trend this year.

Moving On Towards Comfort 

In the coming time, we can expect to see a trend that is more inclined towards relaxed and casual luxury. This trend is majorly going to impact the furniture. People are going to lean more towards furniture that is cozy and comfortable. 

Murals in Unexpected Places

2024 is likely to bring in the trend of turning your boring spaces into interesting ones through murals. Catchy murals can take your home’s design to a whole new level, giving a more personalised feel. The spaces in your home that are often most neglected like the wall behind the staircase, deserve as much attention as the other spaces. This is one of those trends that is going to make people fall in love with their spaces. 

Audacious Colour Choices

2024 is also going to be the year of loud colours that add more life to spaces. Vibrant and lively colours are going to make it to the list of the hottest interior trends this year. Vibrant, saturated, and edgy colour combinations are going to rule in 2024. 

 When it comes to trends, we never know what might come up as the hottest trend and change the whole scenario. The above trends are most likely to dominate this year and we might see some new concepts emerging from them, giving rise to something new and innovative.

The author of this article is Nishant Sinsinwar. He is the Founder and CEO of Projects Makers.