India’s Foreign Aid Allocation for 2024-25 Unveiled in Interim Budget

In the recently presented interim budget by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, details of India’s financial assistance to foreign nations have been disclosed for the fiscal year 2024-25. 

Bhutan emerges at the forefront, securing ₹2,398 crore in grants and loans, emphasizing India’s continued commitment to its neighboring nations. Other countries receiving aid include Maldives (₹600 crore), Nepal (₹650 crore), Myanmar (₹370 crore), Mauritius (₹330 crore), Afghanistan (₹220 crore), Bangladesh (₹130 crore), Sri Lanka (₹60 crore), Seychelles (₹10 crore), and Mongolia (₹5 crore). 

Notably, Maldives sees a 22% reduction in aid compared to the previous financial year, where it received ₹770.90 crore. These allocations underscore India’s dedication to fostering diplomatic relations and supporting the developmental aspirations of friendly nations.

Country Allocation
Bhutan ₹2,398 crore
Nepal ₹650 crore
Maldives ₹600 crore
Myanmar ₹370 crore
Mauritius ₹330 crore
Afghanistan ₹220 crore
Bangladesh ₹130 crore
Sri Lanka ₹60 crore
Seychelles ₹10 crore
Mongolia ₹5 crore