India: The New Silicon Valley for Semiconductors

India’s semiconductor industry is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by the government’s strategic investment of Rs 76,000 crore to strengthen the sector. This significant financial commitment is part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative, which aims to make India a self-reliant and globally competitive force in the technology domain.

Let’s explore the top five companies making wave in the semiconductor industry:

Bharat Electronics

  • A leading electronics company under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.
  • Market Cap: Rs 1.68 lakh crore
  • Current Market Price (CMP): Rs 230
  • Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E): 47x

MosChip Technologies

  • Specializes in chip making and design, primarily for the space and defense sectors.
  • Market Cap: Rs 2,660 crore
  • CMP: Rs 141
  • P/E: 267x

CG Power & Industrial Solutions

  • Seeking approval from the Ministry of Electronics to set up an outsourced semiconductor assembly and test facility.
  • Planning to invest $800 million in India for the semiconductor sector.
  • Market Cap: Rs 1 lakh crore
  • CMP: Rs 648
  • P/E: 69x

Linde India

  • Supplies ultra-pure gases and chemicals essential for semiconductor chip manufacturing.
  • Market Cap: Rs 75,740 crore
  • CMP: Rs 8,880
  • P/E: 66x

Syrma SGS Technology

  • Provides value-added services to semiconductor manufacturing through OEM solutions, including prototyping, box build, repair, and rework.
  • Market Cap: Rs 7,093 crore
  • CMP: Rs 399
  • P/E: 75x

India’s robust push in the semiconductor industry positions it as a burgeoning hub, potentially rivalling established markets globally.

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