How Much is Pest Control in Las Vegas

Pest control is a critical service in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the desert climate and urban sprawl create an environment conducive to various pests. Whether you’re dealing with ants, roaches, rodents, termites, or other pests, it’s essential to address the issue promptly to prevent potential damage to your property and safeguard your health. But just how much does pest control in Las Vegas cost, and who are the best pest control companies in the city in 2023? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the cost of pest control services, explore the top pest control companies, and discuss the types of services available in Las Vegas.

The Cost of Pest Control in Las Vegas

The cost of pest control services in Las Vegas can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors can include the type of pest you’re dealing with, the size of your property, the severity of the infestation, and the chosen pest control method. To give you a clearer picture of what to expect in terms of pricing, let’s break down the costs for different types of pest control services commonly found in Las Vegas.

Average Pest Control Costs in Las Vegas

On average, the cost of a single pest control service visit in Las Vegas ranges from $100 to $300. However, this is a general estimate, and the actual cost can be lower or higher depending on your specific circumstances. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

1. Ant Control

Ant infestations are prevalent in Las Vegas due to its arid climate. The cost for ant control services can range from $100 to $200. The severity of the infestation and the type of ants involved can affect the final cost.

2. Roach Control

Cockroaches are another common problem in Las Vegas. The cost for roach control typically falls within the $150 to $300 range. The size of your property and the extent of the infestation may influence the cost.

3. Rodent Control

Rodents, including mice and rats, can pose serious health and safety risks. The cost for rodent control can vary widely, from $150 to $500 or more, depending on the severity of the issue and the type of rodents involved.

4. Termite Control

Termites can cause significant structural damage to homes. Termite control is one of the costlier services, with prices ranging from $300 to $800 or more. The cost is influenced by the size of your property and the extent of the termite infestation.

5. Bed Bug Control

Bed bug infestations require thorough treatment. The cost for bed bug control services in Las Vegas can vary from $300 to $600 or more. The number of rooms affected and the severity of the infestation can impact the cost.

6. General Pest Control

For general pest control that covers a variety of common pests, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 per service visit. The cost may increase if you require more frequent treatments or additional services.

Keep in mind that these are approximate costs, and your specific situation may fall outside these ranges. The best way to determine the exact cost of pest control for your Las Vegas property is to request quotes from local pest control companies. They can provide personalized estimates based on a thorough inspection of your home or business.

Factors Influencing Pest Control Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of pest control in Las Vegas:

  • Type of Pest: The type of pest you’re dealing with can greatly affect the cost. Some pests are more challenging to eradicate and may require specialized treatments.
  • Severity of Infestation: The extent of the infestation plays a significant role in determining the cost. Severe infestations may require multiple treatments and more resources.
  • Size of Property: The size of your property, whether it’s a small apartment or a large estate, can impact the overall cost. Larger properties may require more time and materials.
  • Frequency of Service: Some pests may necessitate ongoing maintenance to prevent reinfestations. The frequency of service can affect the total cost.
  • Pest Control Method: Different pest control methods, such as chemical treatments, baits, traps, or organic solutions, can have varying costs. Some methods are more expensive than others.
  • Location: Your location within Las Vegas can influence the cost, as certain areas may have higher or lower pest pressures.
  • Additional Services: If you require additional services like sealing entry points or repairing pest-related damage, these will add to the overall cost.
  • Pest Control Company: Different pest control companies have varying pricing structures. It’s essential to obtain quotes from multiple companies to compare costs.

To get an accurate estimate for pest control in Las Vegas, contact local pest control companies for on-site inspections and personalized quotes. Be sure to inquire about any ongoing maintenance or warranty options, as these can affect the long-term cost of pest control.

Best Pest Control Companies in Las Vegas of 2023

Choosing the right pest control company is essential for effective pest management in Las Vegas. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top pest control companies in the city in 2023. These companies have a proven track record of providing quality service and effective pest control solutions.

1. Bulwark Exterminating

Overview: Bulwark Exterminating is known for its comprehensive pest control services. They offer a range of treatment options, including eco-friendly solutions. Their technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, ensuring effective pest management.

Why Choose Bulwark Exterminating:

  • Eco-Friendly Options: They provide environmentally friendly pest control options.
  • Knowledgeable Technicians: Their staff is well-trained and experienced.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: They offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.

2. Truly Nolen Pest Control

Overview: Truly Nolen Pest Control has a long history of pest management and a strong presence in Las Vegas. They offer tailored solutions for various pests, including rodents, termites, and bed bugs.

Why Choose Truly Nolen Pest Control:

  • Experienced Professionals: Their technicians are highly experienced in dealing with diverse pest issues.
  • Comprehensive Services: They offer a wide range of pest control services.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: They prioritize customer satisfaction.

3. Orkin

Overview: Orkin is a well-known national pest control company with a local presence in Las Vegas. They have a reputation for effective pest management and use the latest technology in their treatments.

Why Choose Orkin:

  • Advanced Technology: They employ advanced pest control technology.
  • Customized Plans: Orkin tailors pest control plans to meet the specific needs of each customer.
  • Nationwide Reliability: Orkin’s national reputation ensures reliability and expertise.

4. Terminix

Overview: Terminix is a renowned name in the pest control industry. They offer a wide range of services, from termite control to general pest management. They have a strong local presence in Las Vegas.

Why Choose Terminix:

  • Comprehensive Services: They provide a comprehensive range of pest control solutions.
  • Termite Expertise: Terminix is well-known for its termite control expertise.
  • Local Knowledge: Their technicians are familiar with local pest challenges.

5. Western Exterminator

Overview: Western Exterminator has been serving the Las Vegas community for many years. They offer customized pest control plans and prioritize eco-friendly solutions.

Why Choose Western Exterminator:

  • Eco-Friendly Options: They focus on environmentally responsible pest control.
  • Customized Plans: Pest control plans are tailored to the specific needs of your property.
  • Local Experience: They understand the unique pest challenges in Las Vegas.

6. Greenway Pest Services

Overview: Greenway Pest Services is a local pest control company in Las Vegas that specializes in eco-friendly and organic pest control solutions. They take a sustainable approach to pest management.

Why Choose Greenway Pest Services:

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: They use green and organic pest control methods.
  • Local Expertise: They understand the local pest ecosystem.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Greenway Pest Services is committed to customer satisfaction.

7. Sunflower Pest Solutions

Overview: Sunflower Pest Solutions is a family-owned and operated pest control company serving the Las Vegas area. They offer a range of pest control services with a strong commitment to customer service.

Why Choose Sunflower Pest Solutions:

  • Family-Owned: A personal touch and dedication to service.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored pest control solutions for individual needs.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.

8. Red Rock Pest Control

Overview: Red Rock Pest Control is a local company that specializes in both residential and commercial pest control. They offer a variety of services and have a reputation for effective treatments.

Why Choose Red Rock Pest Control:

  • Residential and Commercial Expertise: They cater to both residential and commercial clients.
  • Prompt Service: Quick response to pest issues.
  • Experienced Technicians: Staff with experience in diverse pest problems.

9. Ace Pest Control

Overview: Ace Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company that focuses on providing comprehensive pest management solutions in Las Vegas. They offer both residential and commercial services.

Why Choose Ace Pest Control:

  • Local Ownership: A locally owned business that understands the area’s pest challenges.
  • Diverse Services: They offer a range of pest control services.
  • Customer-Oriented: Focused on delivering effective and customer-centered solutions.

10. Xperts Pest Control

Overview: Xperts Pest Control is a Las Vegas-based company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. They provide services for various pests, including termites, rodents, and insects.

Why Choose Xperts Pest Control:

  • Customer Satisfaction: A strong focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Thorough Inspections: In-depth inspections to identify and address pest issues.
  • Variety of Services: They offer a range of pest control options.

These pest control companies have been selected based on their reputation, customer reviews, and the range of services they offer. It’s essential to research and contact multiple companies to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

How Much Pest Control Cost in Las Vegas, NV | Find Pest Control Service Near You

If you’re looking for pest control services in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s crucial to find a reputable company that offers effective treatments at a reasonable cost. To find a pest control service near you, follow these steps:

1. Research Local Pest Control Companies

Start by researching local pest control companies in Las Vegas. You can use online search engines, directories, and review websites to compile a list of potential service providers. Pay attention to customer reviews and ratings to gauge their reputation.

2. Request Multiple Quotes

Contact the pest control companies on your list and request quotes. Be sure to provide them with detailed information about your pest problem, the type of pest you’re dealing with, the size of your property, and any specific concerns or preferences you have. This will help them provide accurate quotes.

3. Compare Quotes

Once you receive quotes from multiple pest control companies, compare them. Pay attention to the following factors:

  • The total cost for the services offered.
  • The specific services included in the quote.
  • Any additional or hidden fees.
  • The company’s reputation and customer reviews.
  • The availability of guarantees or warranties.

4. Ask About Treatment Methods

Inquire about the treatment methods the companies use. You may have preferences for eco-friendly or organic pest control options. Ensure that the selected company can accommodate your preferences.

5. Check for Licensing and Insurance

Verify that the pest control company you choose is properly licensed and insured. This ensures that they meet industry standards and can handle any potential liabilities.

6. Inquire About Guarantees

Many pest control companies offer guarantees or warranties for their services. Ask about the terms of the guarantee, including what it covers and its duration. A strong guarantee can provide peace of mind.

7. Read Contracts Carefully

Before finalizing your choice, carefully review the contract or service agreement provided by the pest control company. Ensure you understand all terms and conditions, including the scope of services, payment schedules, and any cancellation policies.

8. Schedule an Inspection

If you’re unsure about the extent of your pest problem, schedule an inspection with the chosen pest control company. During the inspection, a technician will assess the situation and provide recommendations. This can help you make an informed decision.

9. Consider Ongoing Maintenance

For long-term pest control, ask about ongoing maintenance plans. Regular treatments can help prevent future infestations and may be cost-effective in the long run.

10. Make Your Choice

After comparing quotes, researching the companies, and considering all factors, make your choice. Select the pest control company that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best choice. It’s essential to balance cost with the company’s reputation and the quality of their services. Investing in effective pest control can save you money and stress in the long term by preventing extensive damage to your property.

Types of Pest Control Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, with its unique climate and urban environment, is home to a variety of pests that can invade homes and businesses. To effectively manage these pests, it’s crucial to understand the different types of pest control services available in the city. Here are the primary types of pest control services offered in Las Vegas:

1. Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control services are tailored to homeowners and renters in Las Vegas. These services address common household pests like ants, roaches, spiders, and rodents. Residential pest control companies typically offer one-time treatments as well as ongoing maintenance plans to keep homes pest-free.

2. Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control services are designed for businesses and commercial properties in Las Vegas. These services take into account the unique pest challenges faced by businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, warehouses, and offices. Pest control companies that specialize in commercial services can provide customized solutions to protect the reputation and operations of these businesses.

3. Termite Control

Termites are a significant concern in Las Vegas due to the potential for structural damage to buildings. Termite control services include inspections, treatment, and preventative measures to safeguard properties from termite infestations. Many pest control companies offer termite warranties and ongoing monitoring.

4. Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can quickly infest homes, hotels, and other lodging establishments. Bed bug control services involve thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and follow-up inspections to ensure complete eradication. Pest control companies may use heat treatments, chemical solutions, or a combination of methods to address bed bug infestations.

5. Rodent Control

Rodent control services focus on the removal and prevention of rodents like mice and rats. These services include inspections to identify entry points, baiting and trapping, and sealing potential access points to prevent reinfestations. Proper rodent control is crucial for health and safety.

6. Pest Inspections

Pest inspections are essential for identifying the presence of pests and assessing the extent of infestations. Pest control companies in Las Vegas offer inspections for both residential and commercial properties. Inspections help determine the appropriate treatment plan and allow for early detection of potential issues.

7. Organic and Eco-Friendly Pest Control

For those concerned about the environmental impact of pest control, many companies in Las Vegas offer organic and eco-friendly pest control options. These methods use natural and environmentally responsible treatments to address pest problems while minimizing harm to the ecosystem.

8. Pest Exclusion and Prevention

Preventing pests from entering your property is a proactive approach to pest control. Pest exclusion services involve sealing entry points, repairing damage caused by pests, and implementing preventative measures to keep pests at bay. This type of service can be particularly effective for long-term pest management.

9. Emergency Pest Control

Sometimes, pest infestations require immediate attention, especially if they pose health risks or safety concerns. Pest control companies in Las Vegas offer emergency pest control services to address urgent situations promptly.

10. Wildlife Control

Las Vegas is not only home to common household pests but also wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, and snakes. Wildlife control services focus on safely and humanely removing wildlife from properties and implementing measures to prevent their return.

11. Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a specialized pest control method used for severe infestations or for specific pests like termites. Fumigation involves sealing the structure and introducing a gaseous pesticide to eliminate pests. It is a highly effective but controlled process that requires professional expertise.

12. Bee and Wasp Control

Bees and wasps can create dangerous situations, especially if they build nests near homes or businesses. Bee and wasp control services involve the safe removal of nests and addressing the underlying causes of infestations.

13. Bird Control

Birds can become pests when they roost on buildings or create health hazards. Bird control services include humane methods to deter birds from nesting on structures while complying with local regulations.

14. Landscape Pest Control

Pest control isn’t limited to structures; it extends to outdoor spaces and landscapes. Landscape pest control services target pests that affect gardens, lawns, and ornamental plants. These services may include treatments for aphids, gophers, and other outdoor pests.

15. Weed Control

Weeds can also be a pest issue in Las Vegas, particularly in landscapes. Weed control services focus on the removal and prevention of unwanted vegetation that can harm the aesthetics and health of lawns and gardens.

Each of these pest control services in Las Vegas is designed to address specific pest problems and cater to the needs of residents and businesses in the area. When seeking pest control services, it’s essential to choose a company that specializes in the type of pest issue you’re facing to ensure effective and efficient solutions.


Pest control in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a crucial service due to the unique pest challenges posed by the desert climate and urban environment. The cost of pest control in Las Vegas varies depending on factors such as the type of pest, the severity of the infestation, and the size of the property. Obtaining quotes from local pest control companies is the best way to determine the exact cost for your specific situation.

In 2023, the best pest control companies in Las Vegas include Bulwark Exterminating, Truly Nolen Pest Control, Orkin, Terminix, Western Exterminator, Greenway Pest Services, Sunflower Pest Solutions, Red Rock Pest Control, Ace Pest Control, and Xperts Pest Control. These companies have established reputations for delivering effective pest control services.

To find a pest control service near you in Las Vegas, research local companies, request multiple quotes, and compare their offerings, reputation, and customer reviews. It’s essential to choose a licensed and insured company that aligns with your pest control preferences and budget.

Las Vegas offers a wide range of pest control services, including residential and commercial pest control, termite control, bed bug control, rodent control, pest inspections, organic and eco-friendly pest control, pest exclusion and prevention, emergency pest control, wildlife control, fumigation services, bee and wasp control, bird control, landscape pest control, and weed control. Each service is tailored to address specific pest issues and safeguard properties from infestations.

When dealing with pest problems in Las Vegas, remember that prompt and effective pest control is key to protecting your property and ensuring the well-being of your family or customers. Choose a reputable pest control company that specializes in the type of pest issue you’re facing to address the problem efficiently and prevent future infestations.