From the Shower Drain to the Beer Can: An innovative beer backed by Bill Gates

As water shortages loom over the United States, Epic Cleantec, a San Francisco-based water reuse technology company, unveils a groundbreaking innovation: Epic OneWater Brew, a Kölsch-style ale made from purified shower, laundry, and sink water. This initiative aims to address water scarcity concerns while challenging perceptions about recycled wastewater consumption.

Founded in 2015 by Ilan Levy, Oded Halperin, and Igor and Aaron Tartakovsky, Epic Cleantec originally focused on wastewater reuse and treatment systems. However, their latest venture into beer production underscores their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Despite federal and state restrictions preventing commercial sales of their beer, Epic Cleantec distributes Epic OneWater Brew for free to raise awareness about water reuse potential. Aaron Tartakovsky, CEO of Epic Cleantec, emphasises the importance of amplifying the water story through unconventional means like beer production.

The beer-making process involves passing wastewater through ultrafiltration membranes and disinfecting it with ultraviolet light to ensure safety and quality. While recycled wastewater beverages cannot yet be sold commercially, regulatory changes in states like California, Colorado, and Florida indicate progress towards broader acceptance.

Water conservation is increasingly urgent, with nearly half of the United States’ freshwater basins projected to face water scarcity by 2071. Epic Cleantec’s innovative approach highlights the potential of recycled wastewater in addressing this challenge and encourages individuals to engage in water-saving practices.

As the world grapples with impending water crises, initiatives like Epic OneWater Brew offer a glimpse into a sustainable future where innovative solutions transform challenges into opportunities for progress and resilience.